ADA Staking

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How to Stake

You can stake to our pool by searching for the ticker [TURBO]

Pick a wallet to use for staking.

Daedalus Wallet (by IOHK) is the heavy wallet and requires download of the full blockchain.

Yoroi Wallet (developed by EMURGO) is the web light wallet which runs as a chrome extension and downloads only part of the blockchain.

What is ADA/Cardano?

Cardano is a decentralised blockchain-based system which uses the ADA coin. The platform supports smart-contracts and can be used to run Decentralised Apps (DApps).

Decentralisation is achieved through distribution of responsibilities of network operations to the community. Your ADA can earn you rewards by staking it to a pool.

ADA has been developed to solve some of the problems encountered with existing smart-contract platforms such as scalability and high gas fees.


Your ADA never leaves your wallet.

Cardano is a Proof of Stake blockchain. To participate in staking and earn staking rewards you can delegate your ADA to a staking pool (or run your own!)

Staking rewards are accrued to your wallet.